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Have a question for us? Let us know! Book a support call with one of our support staff through the web scheduler below.

If you need to schedule a demo, check out our availability here.

Q. What will we discuss on our support call?

We can discuss whatever it is that you need help with in getting your TimeTap account all configured. It may be that you have just signed up and need some help getting you appointment management system fully rounded out for your business. If that's the case, you should use the Onboarding Call option to book with us.

Or, maybe we just released a feature that you'd like to use but you don't understand fully. We'd be happy to talk you through it and help you get the appointment setting feature customized on a support call.

Whatever you may need during our call, we're happy to help! You can always contact our support line directly from the number listed on our contact page.

Q. How will we connect for our support call?

We use the screenshare service called which is an in-browser screenshare. If you are just viewing one of our support team members' screens, you shouldn't need to download anything to join the screenshare. If you need to share your screen during the call, you will have to download the widget. You can do this during the call so don't worry about setting it up before hand.

All of our support calls take place on our conference bridge line. Once you book the appointment, the bridge dial in number will be emailed to you. If you would prefer to use Skype, please just note that in the comments section and include your Skype username so we can connect before the call.

One of our support team members looks forward to talking to you soon! Happy booking!

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